Bristol Channel Cutter "Angelsea"

Why am I doing this?

Hi once again,

At first I wanted to add roller furling to Shanti. Then I discovered that my rig is 20 years old. This is a photo of my wire/splice/turnbuckle.


No matter how much you clean, I have found that when stainless just wants to rust all the time, it is approaching the problem stage. After all this is 20+ years old. So it was a necessary decision to re-rig. As far as the weight of the rig goes, I have 5/16 wire that is doubled over at the splice, plus a solid bronze thimble. Also my wire is over-sized. Plans call for a combo of 1/4 and 9/32 wire. I’m sure the 5/16 was used because 316 stainless is not as strong as 304. Still a lot of weight aloft! This re-rig should save me 70+ lbs aloft.

I suppose I could get in a do an inspection, but I have decided to re-rig anyway at this point to go along with my ideas for the new furler setup (more on this later). I will do an inspection of the chain plates. I will be replacing them with bronze, but thats another project. I HATE STAINLESS! pita @$#&*^