Bristol Channel Cutter "Angelsea"

Thoughts and observations on the synthetic rigging

One manufacturer has my interest, Dynex Dux. I will include some links, but here is a recap of the advantages/disadvantages of this incredible line:

1) Can replace size for size (my wire is 5/16 and the Dynex Dux has a min breaking strength of 25,000 lbs vs. about 10,000 for wire). Although other considerations my call for up sizing by one size.

2) Most people are using deadeyes and lanyards for this stuff. Can you imagine deadeyes on a Bristol Channel Cutter…oh sweet! They make machined aluminum ones, but you can use the wood ones too. This stuff can not take a staylock or swage. You can also use turnbuckles if you wish.

3) Large savings in weight aloft. My rig is 5/16 316 w/splices. Using this line (it floats) will cut out 65-70 lbs aloft from my rig. Jeez, I’m getting so excited I’m starting to wiggle. This will be a HUGE boost to the performance of the boat.

4) Very high chafe resistance. They use it for butchers aprons and drag lines on fishing boats. You can read more in the links I’ll post. One guy is a commercial fisherman, after using the line for 3 years and seeing how well it held up he decided to rig his trimaran with it.

5) They are still testing the UV resistance. Right now they feel it will be well north of 5 years. But it is so inexpensive and easy to splice up yourself, doesn’t seem to be a prob. For me here in the salty/sunny Caribbean I won’t have to worry about corrosion. Also no fatigue.

6) It stretches less than wire. but there is “creep”. So for the first year you would have to tune 2-3 times, but then it would be fairly set. Then maybe once a year. I need to do a little more research in this area. Since this line has SO much strength to it they say to size for creep as opposed to strength.

Here are some links:
This is the forum over at Brion toss’s website.[] I believe Brion re-rigged his own boat with synthetic.

And a great thread on the stuff at the cruisers forum.

The people I will be using for the hardware, including a continuous line furler Precourt Rigging


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