Bristol Channel Cutter "Angelsea" (Shanti)

Gary Felton

Who am I and what do I do? Gee, I wish I knew. I have never been comfortable talking about myself. But some people want to know my background so they can decide weather to take my opinions into consideration. So here goes.

Basic facts: 60 years old, one owner, needs parts…make offer!  living in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands. Professionally I work as a photographer. I am single (I did fall in love with a schooner once) and at one time had a cat. I live on Shanti and commute to work in a dinghy. Well this has all changed. I now have 2 dogs, 2 cats, a bird and a wife! Deb, my new bride loves to sail with me on Shanti. I no longer live aboard Shanti.

Sailing background: I have been sailing about my entire life. Started by rigging a sail to my little red wagon and sailing down the street in the Santa Ana winds in S. California. Picked up my Coast Guard license in 1983. I went on to hold an all oceans, 200 ton, sail (not aux. sail, but pure sail) endorsement license. Worked on a number of traditional vessels, many of them square rig. Also did a lot of traditional rigging work. Closed my photography business in SoCal and moved to the Virgin Islands to operate term charter yachts for 14 years. I  have a number of Atlantic and Pacific crossings, and have visited just about the entire Caribbean. I owned a Falmouth Cutter for 16 years, the little sister to the BCC. She had no engine and I sailed her all over the place. I also saw the eye of a cat 4 hurricane on her. Moved ashore 9 years ago to re-start my photo biz. Then purchased Shanti in August of 2007 in SoCal and brought her to the Caribbean (no, the first leg was by truck to S Florida….I’m not THAT crazy!).

Education: I have a degree in Photography from Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, California. I also studied Ocean engineering for 4 years. I wanted to drive deep submersibles. Although today I would have a hard time doing a trig problem. When I was about ready to graduate in Engineering, there were no operating submersibles in the US. So employment looked a little slim. So I switched over to photography after winning a number of International awards in Underwater photography. It was a good choice for me.

Fun things: Scuba diving. Started diving in 1963. Was certified as an instructor in 1967. This led to underwater photography and my desire to operate submarines. In collage was way into racing cars. Still enjoy following the Indy Series. But to have a hot car on St. Thomas is like tits on a bull. Average speed on the island because of pot holes, tight curves and no freeways is about 25-30 mph. I did a lot of skydiving in SoCal. Also loved to snow ski, but again I find St. Thomas not so good in that regard. So why did I give all that up to move here….SAILING! I have never found a better place, and I have been to many. Oh, and the Scuba diving is pretty good too.

In 2015 myself, Deb and @jackthesailingdog left to explore the rest of the Caribbean.

Here is where I presently live.

The sailing vessel Angelsea anchor in the Caribbean.

See you in The islands.


Gary, Deb and Jackthesailingdog🐾

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4 thoughts on “Gary Felton

  1. Baba

    Gary I follow your blog and always read your posts on the BCC forum. Always informative and interesting.

    A question… Shanti has a port in the hull near the bow yet many don’t . What’s up with that ? Was Shanti factory finished ? Was the port added at a later time ?

    BTW your photography is nothing but amazing ! Great work.

    Also a small thing you may have notice but if not you might want to correct….. In the second paragraph of this blog you said ” I longer live aboard Shanti. ” I think you meant to say you no longer do.

    Thanks for the great blog and the wonderful pictures.


    1. Gary Felton Post author

      Shanti was factory finished on the exterior, but not interior. Those portholes in the bow are an idea from Lynn and Larry Pardey. They have them on Taliesin. They are really nice for light and ventilation when at anchor. One just has to remember to close them before going sailing.

  2. Morgana Bowne................a blast from the past

    Hey you………i have tried to reach you / How the hell are you?
    Been years…………would love to chat and catch up………………….

  3. Kirstyn

    Hi Gary- I’m a VI local who is absolutely in love with one of your prints but don’t see it in the picture gallery. Wanted to know if it was still available. How can I find out? You can email me or call 917-226-4936

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