St Thomas Villa photographer

St Thomas Villa photographer

Gary Felton is a photographer with years of experience photographing villas.

Villa photography, or what most would call architectural photography is a very specialized form of photography. For the proper execution of an architectural photography assignment very specialized lenses and training are required.  Just one camera and lens can cost the photographer anywhere from $10,000 to $60,000. And this does not include additional lenses, specialized lighting equipment, assistants, etc. That is IF you want professional results.

Who are the clients for professional architectural photography?

  • Architects
  • Contractors
  • Vacation Villa Rentals
  • Real estate rentals and sales
  • Annual reports
  • Capabilities brochure
  • Restaurants


Why would I want professional results? I have a nice digital camera and have taken some nice shots.

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Lets face it, it takes years of training and experience for  someone to photograph a villa or any architectural project with usable results.

You can use the photographs you have taken, but what will this tell a possible client? Your amateur photographs will impart a feeling of an amateur operation.

In today’s competitive market can you really afford to give a big edge like this away? Particularly when you’re asking a few thousand a week to rent a villa that is 3000 miles away? When you appear to be a low ball or amateur operation?


Sure , it’s not an inexpensive cost. But “cost” is the wrong way to approach the purchase of professional photography. Professional photography of your villa or any architectural project can cost $2000 or more depending on the size of the project.

Lets say your villa rents for $5000/week. Good professional photography of your villa can easily increase your rentals by 50% or more. But lets just look at it with just a 10% increase in rentals. If you were renting out at 20 weeks a year. A 10% increase would mean 2 additional weeks of rental. This would be a gross revenue increase of $10,000 For just one year! Or $30,000 over 3 years, all for a $2000-3000 investment. Please make note of the word “investment”.

in·vest·ment [in-vest-muh%wall art%nt]  noun

1. The investing of money or capital in order to gain profitable returns, as interest, income, or appreciation in value.

Consider this, when you pick up a magazine to thumb through, do you look at the pictures or only read the text?

I hope you are beginning to understand the importance and investment potential of good professional photography for your villa or architectural project. Please give me a call at (340) 774-1922 for further insights into how I can help you make a sound investment.


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