A classic piece of wall art, a wood sailboat in the prestine waters of the Tobago Cays

Tobago Sloop wall art. Photographed while we were at anchor in the Tobago Cays. This is an island sloop probably built of wood with traditional methods in either Bequia or Carriacou. 

I love this image because of the feeling of serenity it imparts to me. The texture of the trade wind clouds drifting by and the soft early morning light. If you look close there is even a seagull sitting on the end of the bowsprit. The composition is near ideal using the rule of thirds. 

Captured during our stay at the Tobago Cays, this captivating artwork showcases the Tobago Sloop—a wooden vessel, likely crafted in Bequia or Carriacou, employing traditional techniques.

What draws me to this image is the overwhelming sense of tranquility it evokes. The gentle passage of trade wind clouds, accompanied by the gentle morning glow, creates a serene ambiance. Moreover, upon closer inspection, one can spot a seagull perched gracefully at the bowsprit’s edge. The composition adheres closely to the rule of thirds, adding to its near-perfect arrangement.

Canvas wall art
The Tobago Cays

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