canvas wall art prints

Enjoy a museum grade canvas print 12”x36″. A 75% savings over our standard online gallery price.
Image is of the British and US Virgin Islands photographed from Mountain Top, St Thomas..

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Experience the beauty of the early morning squalls as they race over the Virgin Islands in the predawn light.

canvas wall art prints
canvas wall art prints
Incredible detail, not to scale
canvas wall art prints
This Canvas print is mounted on 1 1/4″ stretcher bars and is ready to hang! No expensive frames to purchase.
canvas wall art prints

Early Morning Squalls, the most sought after image from the US Virgin Islands. This panorama is produced from 15 separate images for extreme clarity and resolution. This image shows St Thomas in the foreground and the primary islands of Tortola and St John (on the right) during the predawn hours.

The back story

Early one February morning right before the sun had come up I walked outside of my apartment with a cup of coffee in my hand. I lived Right next to my photo studio and had to walk about 15 feet to work. My place was situated almost at the very top of St Thomas in an area appropriately called Mountain Top. The view was spectacular. Upon exiting my apartment I look down at the chain of Virgin Islands and was blown away by the quality of the light in that early morning and also all the squalls blowing through. My first reaction was by the time I would get my camera setup this fantastic light would be gone. This happens often. You see the light and in a heart beat it’s gone.

But after a couple of sips of very strong coffee I decided to give it a go. I ran and got my camera and tripod. Probably took me 5 minutes. I just knew the light would be gone. But after getting set up the view was still there! If anything things had improved visually. So I set about shooting a series of images to capture all the light and dark tones and did this with multiple images to create a high resolution 1×3 panorama.

Afterwards I retired to my office and my computer to blend the different Tones and stitch the images together. In all it took five separate images with 3 different exposures, 15 frames in all to create what I saw. I was blown away and sooo happy I hadn’t sat on my ass and given up. I’m sure there is a moral to the story in there, but I’ll let you figure it out 😉

Enjoy this 12”x36” custom canvas print at a 75% savings over my regular online gallery price for this comparable size. To shop my online gallery click here


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