Cover photograph
Cover of Men's Journal

Cover photograph

cover photography
Cover of Men’s Journal

A Caribbean cover photo from the Virgin Islands. Many of you coming to my site are hear because of a recent promo campaign. THANKS for coming by the way!

One nice result from that campign besides the ongoing work is the sale of some stock photography. I sold this image to Men’s Journal for their may issue.

The orginal photography was shot for the Moorings. So this was a nice little plug for them since their logo was left on the boat. Can we all say “Branding” … hallelujah brother!

The photograph it self was shot at Devils Bay on the island of Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands. I shot the photo as early in the morning as possible for the nicer light. But not too early so the sun lighted the ocean bottom and produced the pretty aquamarine water everybody loves. I was hoisted up the mast of our support boat to get this angle. Camera gear for the geeks out there was a Canon 1Ds MK3 with the 16-35mm 2.8L. I used the lens set on around 28mm.

of course it also help to have a great support staff and models.

cheers, Gary 

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