Bristol Channel Cutter "Angelsea" (Shanti)

Shanti smiles

Done! Well almost, still have some tuning to do and clean up the lanyards. All the rigging is on. Took the last coils of old heavy, rusty rigging off Shanti yesterday. It was a bit of a challenge working at the top of the mast with a little bit of roll and pitch in the anchorage. Mostly from people hauling ass through the anchorage.

I have a new saying … “I hate wire”

Shanti is happy. As Deb so well commented … Women are always happy when they lose weight. Already seeing a difference. Where I keep the boat can be a little rollie at times. Shanti would rooolllle way over to port, then slowly rooollle way over to starboard. I would roll more than any other boat in the anchorage. Now she kind of rolls to port rolls to starboard. She seems much happier.

Hope to take Shanti for a tune-up sail this weekend. More photos and comments once that is done.

Merry Xmas!

One thought on “Shanti smiles

  1. Adventure

    Hi Gary,
    Well done !
    I’ve been following your adventures with Dynex Dux, and it looks very good to me.
    The difficulties with measurement are a bit off-putting though.

    Looking forward to hearing how the first sails go.

    Good luck,
    BCC Adventure.