Bristol Channel Cutter "Angelsea"

A new engine for Angelsea

New Engine on the way.

Well we gave it the old collage try. I worked and worked on rebuilding Shanti’s engine. Ran like a watch the first few hours. But something happened and it doesn’t run like a watch no more. We later found out it was just a bent lift pump lever (that I bent).

and I’m tired…

So it’s time to move on…

New engine diesel Beta Marine

A new engine a Beta Marine 25hp

So we bought a Beta 25hp diesel engine.

These are marinized Kabuto tractor engines and reputed to be very reliable. We went with 25hp instead of the smaller 20hp for power to force our way to weather here in the rough Caribbean chop. I had my last boat with no engine. I hate engines. They take to much maintenance time. But if I’m going to have one, I figure I might as well have a good one. I did refuse to go all the way to a 30HP  engine. This is after all a sailboat, not a powerboat.