Bristol Channel Cutter "Angelsea"

Living aboard

,Want to know about Living aboard?

Ten Years a go I sailed a Bristol Channel Cutter named Shanti into Long Bay, St. Thomas of the U.S. Virgin Islands (November 2007) and started living aboard.

Since then a lot has happend.
One is I got married on March 31,2011.
Deb Felton is a new addition on this site. she is also my wife! She will be writing about our  adventures and various things related to our living aboard Angelsea and how they may help you.

She is a great cook and I know will be sharing some of her special recipes that can be used living aboard or on land.

Deb is a new sailor (last 5 years) but has always been a boater. Fishing walleyes,camping and boating in Minnesota were her passions.

We were joined by Jack the sailing dog. click on the link to follow Jacks Facebook page. He’s a fun kinda guy. Deb use to raise and show dogs. So she plans on all kinds of helpful stuff for your pet out sailing or living aboard and also for you land based dog lovers.


Sailing with pets

Pets who sail











We also you may have noticed. Shanti is now been rename to Angelsea

 kind of poetic don’t you think?

Angelsea came from the lyrics of a Cat Stevens song.

More later I think you will enjoy it.

Living aboard

Deb at the helm of Angelsea