Bristol Channel Cutter "Angelsea"

Furler update

Hi everyone,

A bit of an update on my furling system for those interested.

I have finally received all the bits and pieces I need to finish off my new furling system ( I think! ). 

1) Sail has been modified with Dyneema torque rope w/ an extra layer of heavy Dacron on the luff.  The extra layer was recommended by Erik Precourt. Erik also spliced up the torque rope for me. Although it is not hard to do ( I will have instructions sometime in the future ).

2) Code zero type furler From Precourt rigging. This is a small unit rated at 3000lb SWF and about the size of the palm of your hand, for the lower unit. The unit is rated for up to 450sqft of sail.

 3) Low stretch high tech halyard XLS EXTRA T made by Samson . Purchased from Defender marine as they had the best price, even better than Port Supply (West Marines wholesale division). Bought 115 feet for a 2 part halyard.

4) Some nice lignum vitae/bronze fairleads ( From Classic Marine in UK ) for the control line to the bowsprit traveler. And a couple of Herreshoff cleats for belaying the traveler control line and the furling line.

5) Small blocks for leading furling line aft to cockpit.

6) All bronze #16 Lewmar ST winch. With this winch and the 2 part halyard I should be able to get about 1200lbs on the jib luff for good performance to weather.

Some concerns I have:

1) The furler will not work well under the 1200lbs of load. May have to back of the halyard a touch to furl. We’ll see.

2) At 1200lbs the load may distort the bowsprit traveler. We’ll see.

3) What the evolution will be like to hoist the jib or headsail. Do I have to be off the wind, or can I do it into the wind. We’ll see.

Sunday a couple of friends of mine will help me set everything up. Most is done now, but the headstay has to be moved at the mast head to accommodate the 2 part halyard. Hopefully we will be sailing by Sunday afternoon.

I’ll let you know and have some pics…stay tuned!



Well I didn’t get a chance to take Shanti out sailing on Sunday. But I did get up the mast with the use of an ATN Topclimber. Monday I finished everything up and hoisted/furled the jib. so here are some observations.

ATN Topclimber. I moved my boat off it’s mooring and motored over to a little cove called Honeymoon Bay. I did this because where I am anchored is a bit rollie. But dinghy wakes gave me a problem anyway while in Honeymoon. It’s amazing how some people just don’t pay attention! I only had one individual slow down when he saw me up the mast. Everybody else was full tilt boogie as the passed and waked Shanti. The problem I found with the ATN was you need both hands to use it. So you don’t have anything to steady yourself against the wakes/rigging. So I found out the hard way that you need a really flat sea condition and no wakes to work aloft with an ATN Topclimber. I have bruises from being slammed into the rigging by wakes. It’s also a slow climb, but fairly easy. Coming down is harder than going up.

Furler. It’s works fine, but is not an “easy” pull to furl under the ~1200# tension. But it is sweet being so small. I need to sail and furl a few times in different conditions for a final analysis. It does furl nicely though. The “torque rope” for the luff worked very well and is the key to making the system work. Thanks Erik!

Jib traveler. I cranked up the halyard as tight as possible giving me a calculated 1200# tension on the luff of the sail. The ring did not distort! yaaaa!

I hoisted the sail while on the mooring, so I was dead into the wind ( about 8 kts ). I had to guide the sail a bit to keep the upper unit from banging the mast. It was easy though.

More to come. It looks good so far.