Bristol Channel Cutter "Angelsea"

Oh ya! Dyneema Rigging


Dyneema Rigging test/tune

Tuesday we finally got some wind to test/tune the Dyneema rigging. Wind was SE at 10-12 knots. It seems I got the rig fairly taught when I did the static tune on the hook. The worst offender was the cap shroud once loaded. It was fairly slack on the lee side.

I used a marlin spike along with a marlin spike hitch to do the tweaking on the Dyneema rig. I untied the offending shroud, then hauled on the lanyard with all my might with the marlin spike. This technique got the shroud snug. We tacked  over and snugged up the other side.

tuning the dyneema synthetic rig

Test/tunning our new Dyneema Rigging. on our Bristol Channel Cutter

Hauling on the lanyard with a marlin spike.

So how did the boat perform with her new Dyneema rigging?

Definitely stiffer as would be expected. In the gusts ( from 10 to around 14) she stood up amazingly well and just accelerated. When we went over some large boat wakes she pitched much less and did not cycle through another pitch after going over the wake.

All in all it was great day. Beautiful with a 10-2 knot breeze. Great company. My Main squeeze, Deb along with Kevin from a pretty little gaffer the Ruth Avery.

New years eve Deb and I plan on sailing over to Jost Van Dyke and try and make the party at Foxy’s. Weather permitting. Leaving St. Thomas we will have to beat into some predicted heavy trade winds (20kts). It will be the true test of the Dyneeema rigging and it’s performance. After our little tune up sail, I have high expectations. When we return I will post a full report on this fascinating project.

Sailing in the caribbean with Dyneema rigging.

Test of Dyneema rigging on our 28 foot BCC

My loyal crew. Kevin and Deb.

Until next week….CHEERS and a Happy New Year!

4 thoughts on “Oh ya! Dyneema Rigging

  1. Scott Carle

    I very much enjoyed reading your write up on the synthetic rigging you went to.. We have a Downeaster 38 and I am exploring the doing the same thing. How do you like the synthetic rigging now after having it for a year?
    Scott Carle

  2. Steve Robinson

    Hi Gary,

    I think we did a Pacific crossing years ago aboard the Californian. Enjoy your website. Curious whether you have specific knowledge and or experience with UV issues and Dux rigging? What do you figure the life span of a Dux rig to be in the tropics??

    Cheers……….. and by the way Shanti is a BEAUTY.

    1. Gary

      Hi Steve,
      So far I am hearing 5 years in the tropics. But many people familiar with Dux theorize it will be longer. The thinking from the engineers is the outer layer degrades but becomes a protective layer which extends the life.

      I presently have 3+ years on my rig and it seems to be holding up well. I had planned on having a piece of the rig tested to destruction at 5 years.

      Yep, those were the days eh? That was a great trip!