Bristol Channel Cutter "Angelsea"

Come sail with us on Angelsea

Come and enjoy our adventures on a 28′ sailboat as we explore the Caribbean and beyond. Our crew Gary (myself), Deb and Jack the sailing dog. I bring to the table 50 years of professional photography and work as a sea captain. Enjoy award winning photography, the antics and narration of a miniature poodle who thinks he is Captain Jack Sparrow (that’s his real name). Get photo lessons from a pro. Read and watch tips on sailing and boat projects. Go behind the scenes with GPS tracking and real time streaming chat sessions where you can meet us and ask any question you like. All this and amazing discounts on prints and bling from my online gallery. Your support will be very much appreciated!


The sailing vessel Angelsea at anchor in the Caribbean.

After 4 years the time has come to ask for support from our followers. The tropical climate and the sea have taken its toll on the equipment we use to bring our adventures to you. We also hope to expand into doing some Vblogs for your edification, at some point Soon. Mold has over taken our gear, even in protective cases. So your help in securing good equipment to continue is very much appreciated. Plus you will get to enjoy most of it on an exclusive bases. In the near future we will be sailing down to the island of Curacao in the southern Caribbean. Then on to Yellowstone to sail around on a land yacht (RV). It’s going to be fun and exciting. And did I say with lots of pictures. to all our friends and supporters, cheers. Come on along!

Warm regards,

Gary (the photographer), Deb (the Admiral), and Jack (the sailing dog).

Check out some of my photography here.