Bristol Channel Cutter "Angelsea"


I only have the backstay and forestay to install, IF the anchorage is not to rolly. If I can do it, I should be able to take Shanti on a tune up sail monday.

So far:

This has been a measurement nightmare. The BCC is overbuilt. So her chainpaltes are oversized. So hardly any of the rigging pieces (deadeyes) fit. I have had to use Link plates many places. So that meant a lot of new clevis pins. Could not find any the proper size on the island, so they had to be ordered. And on and on….

synthetic rigging deadeyes

Above are the 3 sizes I have used. 7mm Dynex Dux for the shrouds. 9mm for the stays, and an 11mm piece for the bobstay.

My complete rig for Shanti. Weighs about as much as one of my intermediates.

My rigging kit. Note the tin snips for cutting the Dynex. Pretty simple.

When I was installing one of the cap shrouds I had a bit of a problem. The wind was blowing pretty good. I had hoisted up the new shroud and attached it to the mast. but the wind kept blowing it out away from the boat. This stuff was so light…LOL.    very strange…

I am actually attaching my lowers in this photo. Used very nice custom mast tangs Eric Precourt made for me to accommodate the two larger thimbles the dynex requires.

A nice benefit to my 2 part halyard with a larger self tailer that I installed for my furler. My girlfriend (Deb) can easily haul my butt up the mast.

Another custom plate for the rigging. This holds the aft-lower and the intermediate. I have also decided to use some all black NE Ropes V-100 for the lashings. A little bit harder to tighten up, but not that bad with a little water for lube. This line has a vectran core that has low stretch like the Dynex does. Plus it looks so niiice….

You know what they say?

If you can’t sail good, you should at least look good!

More after the sail.

Merry Christmas everyone!