Bristol Channel Cutter "Angelsea"

The process begins

Hi All,

This has been a bit of a journey already. I started out by looking for a roller furling solution for Shanti. The bowsprit is just a little to long to safely work out at the end in heavy weather. In fact I think there is only 2 BCC’s left with hanked on sails, Shanti and Elizabeth. During my research I came across Synthetic rigging. it’s line instead of wire. I also discovered that my rig is the original from 1988. The good thing is the wire is eye spliced around solid bronze thimbles, about as strong and reliable as you can get. The bad thing is it’s HEAVY and really impacts the sailing characteristics of the boat. Saving weight aloft will be the primary purpose of going with the synthetic rig. This blog will be devoted to the re-rigging of Shanti with this new technology.

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