All about wall art prints
Beautiful wall art in complimentary colors can transform an average room.

All about wall art prints

I am an independent one man shop. As a retired photographer with 40 years experience creating high quality wall art for your home or office, I strive to present my work in the best possible manner. Utilizing the best print shops for the mediums available I offer most mediums from canvas wall art to museum grade giclee prints. This blog explains the different materials and styles of prints available. If you have any questions please contact me

There are various mediums used for displaying wall art prints, each offering a unique visual and tactile experience. Here are some of the most common mediums:

Canvas wall art prints

Probably our most popular print. This popularity is due to the art look and feel of the canvas. Plus there is not need to frame the print with the canvas image wrapping around the wooden frames, saving money. Thus the name “canvas wrap”. Images are printed directly onto canvas fabric, often stretched over wooden frames. Canvas prints provide a textured, painterly appearance and are popular for their contemporary and artistic look. Canvas wall art can also be framed.

Framed Prints

These are images printed on real photographic paper or giclee prints and then placed within a frame with glass or acrylic protection. Framed prints offer a classic and polished appearance and come in various frame styles and sizes. The disadvantage to these prints is the high cost of framing and the weight.

Metal Prints

Images are infused onto metal sheets, resulting in a sleek, modern, and glossy appearance. These are the favorite of myself and most photographers. Metal prints are known for their vibrant colors, startling clarity and durability. Plus, as most are finished with blocks on the back so they sit off the wall giving the appearance of floating. They are extremely light weight and easy to hang. They may also be framed.

Canvas wall art
A panorama from Salt Whistle Bay. Look it up!

Acrylic Prints

Images are printed onto a clear acrylic sheet, creating a vibrant and glossy finish. Acrylic prints offer a three-dimensional effect due to the transparency of the material. The acrylic is on the outside. You view the print through the acrylic. The disadvantage of the acrylic is easy to scratch and they can be heavy.

Wood Prints

Images are printed directly onto wood panels, allowing the wood grain to show through. Wood prints offer a rustic and organic look.

Glass Prints

Similar to acrylic prints, images are printed onto a glass surface, creating a contemporary and elegant appearance. Glass prints can enhance the depth and vibrancy of the image. Looks just like a framed print without the frame. Heavy and difficult to ship.

Art Paper Prints

Images are printed on high-quality art paper, providing a traditional look and feel. Different types of paper can be used to achieve various textures and finishes, including high grade watercolor paper and canvas. These are the same as Giclee prints

Poster Prints

These are larger prints on standard poster paper. They are a cost-effective option for displaying images and artworks. These also have a shorter life span.

Textile Prints

Images are printed onto fabric, often with a dye-sublimation process. Textile prints can offer a soft and fabric-like appearance, suitable for more casual or cozy settings.

Giclée Prints

This term is often used for high-quality art prints produced using inkjet printers with archival inks on fine art paper or canvas. Giclée prints are known for their color accuracy and longevity. This is a popular medium for museums to use for reproductions.

Framed wall art
Framed wall art from Yellowstone National Park

Wall Decals/Stickers

Vinyl decals with printed images or designs are applied directly to the wall. They are a versatile option for temporary or customizable wall art.


These are large fabric pieces with printed designs, often used to cover larger wall spaces. Tapestries can add texture and pattern to a room.

Each medium offers its own aesthetic and tactile qualities, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your style, the artwork, and the ambiance you want to create in your space. These different mediums also give you a choice of cost and ease of hanging.

All of these mediums can be framed except for tapestries and wall decals.

We offer the following mediums:


Framed (available as a real photographic print)

Art prints aka Giclee




Metal (my favorite)

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