15 men on a deadmans chest … yo ho ho
Dead chest Island

15 men on a deadmans chest … yo ho ho

Pirates of the Caribbean and a new release for my online gallery.

For years I have sailed past this island and anchored in this Bay. It is one of my favorite anchorages in the British Virgin Islands. The story behind this place has everything to do with pirates, Blackbeard and Robert Lois Stevenson. This location or Bay is known as Deadmans Bay. And right across from it (directly in the background) is Dead chest Island. Infamously referred to as a dead man’s chest in Robert Lois Stevens Treasure Island and Pirates of the Caribbean with Johnny Depp.

Caribbean island
Dead Chest Island in the background. Angelsea is anchored in the photo.

So this is the way I have heard the story. And I think it all makes sense. Blackbeard the pirate was an ornery sort of guy. So 15 of his crew kinda pissed him off one day.  He decided to maroon them on this small desolate island with just rum and cutlasses. He was hoping they would just die of starvation or kill each other. Blackbeard had social issues. Back in those days sailors didn’t swim much so it was a pretty good bet they were trapped. But some did try. Its not far unless you stink at swimming. Plus there are currents to contend with.  This was not an easy escape. Well some did try and washed up dead in this bay where the sailboat is anchored.  That is how this bay got its name of Deadman’s Bay.

Robert Lois Stevenson when he was researching for his book Treasure Island heard about this story and this place and wrote a little song about it.

Another lyric in the novel, near its end:

So you can see there is quit a lot of history in this photo. Particularity if you love the Pirates of the Caribbean and the Movie “Dead Chest”.

Yep, that’s it!

If you would like to purchase this panorama print go to the panorama section of my Tropical photos gallery. This image has a huge amount of resolution and can be easily enlarged to over 24″x 72″ . Stunning.

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